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J L Libstaff
Kat Jenson
Linda Whaley
John Reynolds
Jim Libstaff
Scott Heffernan
Lorraine Hart
Claudia Patchen
2008 Young Writers
McKenzie & Jesse Allen
Lorraine Hart's
There I Had To Go
is a fantastic series of poems
about life, traveling the world,
singing and songwriting in New
York for nearly twenty years
and settling in The Pacific
Northwest where she still makes
music, writes, and has magical
adventures in the wildness at
the edge of the Salish Sea.
Time Just Flew
tells the history of her father, a
fixed-wing helicopter pilot
during WWII who earned the
nickname Lucky for his ability
to always make it back while
so many others didn't. The
book relives stories of a man
who logged over fifty
thousand hours in the cockpit.
A great selling book in both
Europe, Canada and the USA.
it's time
relates his experience of
giving up a career, a home
and a lifestyle to move in
with and take care of his
aging parents in their final
years. It's an inspiration that
has helped others, across the
nation, persevere through
similar experiences.
Heffernan's 2nd,
continues his experiences
with the loss of his father
and the final days of his
mother. Again, he helps us
realize the dedication and
love involved in caring for
aging parents and allows
us to know, we are not
Ellensberg Blue
Talks about "the near
life and near death of
a poet" concerning
love lost and life that
Grass Clippings
Looks at everyday events
we all experience and
turns thoughts of them
into art. A book that will
make you think and
make you smile at the
world around you.
Kat Jenson's
Old Moon
looks at love and life through
the eyes of a woman who has
experienced the world and all
of it's possibilities. Both sad
and fun it is an amazing read
Linda Whaley's
Those Before Never Leave
a novel that will grab you,
hold on, and keep you
questioning your reality
right up to the end.
The sequel is in the works.
John Reynolds'
Old Boots
a book of wonderful
poems that reflect on life
after age 60  and what
lies ahead.
Jim Libstaff
Shares the prospective
of a younger man in
this collection of
poetry from the
former Poet Lauriate
of Newport WA
A Man inadvertently
becomes involved in the
world of politics and a
corrupt, controlling
government agency who
uses him to their own end
Jeremy Clay is manipulated
and forced  into acting as the
second coming. When the
world begins to believe, Clay
realizes his power but has to
fight the powers that be to
control his destiny.  
an epic adventure during the
latter 1800s as a young man
battles to stay alive. He  
survives hostile prairies,  
escapes to the East where he
endures the Civil War, the
rich and powerful and  
political enemies.
Imagine a new drug that
allows people to eliminate
anger, sadness, fear and
depression. Imagine the only
side effect is health and weight
control. Imagine a three year
trial run by Big Pharma.
What could go wrong?